Hi There!

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for visiting here! I don’t know what brought you here– maybe you just accidentally clicked this link somewhere, maybe you’re having your rest day and exploring some blogs, maybe you’re here because you want someone to talk to but there’s no one there at the moment so you just read some blogs hoping that it might help you in your situation, or maybe you’re just one of the people who loves reading blogs.

Whatever your reason is I hope that you’ll stay for a moment and explore because whichever reason that brought you here, one thing is for sure: this is not an accident.

Maybe God has something to tell you through my blog. And that is the very reason of the existence of my blog, to– hopefully– speak life and encouragement.

My blogs are all about Jesus, His love, bible insights and my personal journey with Him. Some thoughts and experiences really need to be recorded because words are so powerful– it can serve as motivation, confirmation or healing for someone. It is my heart’s desire to write and I’m so happy that God has allowed me to create this blog– not just to do what I love but also to be a source of encouragement.

So there, I’m excited to share all my thoughts and faith with you through my blogs. You are loved!

All glory to God!

Happy Reading!