2019: Love Yourself (less)

For the past few days of 2019, I’ve been seeing posts upon posts of New Year’s Resolution and most of what I’ve read on Facebook, Twitter and blogs is this: “Self love.” It is literally all over the social media these days and everywhere, people were saying that this year, they will fall in love with themselves.

First, I want to tell you that I have really nothing against self love and self care. We are, after all, created in God’s image—we should really learn to love ourselves—including our flaws and all our imperfections and even me would love to do it this year. But the thing is, before you become so focused on loving yourself, I want us to look on what He really said about it and let us first examine our hearts so we will not stumble on doing it. Remember, we are not our own but we are bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) so we should do what we want to do for Him and Him alone.

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You Can Never Outrun My Love

Today, we sat across each other just like what we were doing every morning.

I looked at you, trying to see if there was an anger written on your face, trying to see if there was any sign of condemnation yet you looked just the same.. same as you have been every morning I have spent with you. Smiling, always welcoming me to enter your beautiful company.

You were the same as ever yet I am different.

I know you’ve noticed it. You always did, you are so familiar with all my ways. You know when I was about to tell you a happy story, you know when I was tired, you know when my day was good or when it was not. And today, I was wondering, what was running in your mind while I sat in front of you– a bit shaky and a lot nervous.

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Welcome Home, Prodigal Child of God

..and no matter how far you have wandered, you are now coming back.

This is for you, the prodigal child of God.

You had it all when you had Him. Remember the joy that you have felt? The joy that is unexplainable, the peace that covers you at that very moment and the love that you have felt, embracing every bit of you—the best and the worst, the ugliest parts and all the flaws.

Remember how high you have raised your hands? That was the time when you finally surrendered– every pain, every brokenness and every victory, all together laid down at His feet, all was lifted up to be used for His glory alone.

You are more than happy. You are satisfied.

Everything was done with love, taking every opportunity to serve Him. No matter how tiring it was sometimes, you’d still do it; because His love overflows, you need to pour it out. You’ll do it because that’s your way of worship. You’ll do it because He is worthy of every bits of effort.

It was never tiring. It was something you said you could do in your lifetime, something that you’ll do until you hear Him say “Well done, My child.”

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My Thoughts on Pastor Andrew Stoecklein’s Suicide and Christian Depression

(c) Inland Hills Church Facebook

I don’t know the whole story; I was just browsing my twitter the other day and saw that a Pastor from California named Andrew Stoecklein took his life because of depression and anxiety. After I saw that tweet, I searched about what happened to him and I read news about it, until now it is still being posted in some Christian pages, blogs and even in church.

I was really bothered by this news because it shows how serious mental illness is. It alarmed me especially when there were still comments that were condemning the pastor about what he did. I am not saying that suicide is not wrong, IT IS WRONG, but I’m just saying that why would we still create a fuss about it when it obviously will not help the family of the pastor? Church, can we stop pointing fingers and condemning people? Can we just pray for his family at least?

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What If I Have Failed God?

Have you been in a situation where you feel like you have disappointed God? If you’ve been following Jesus, I know you have felt this one way or another. We all does. This feeling occurred when you have disobeyed, you did something that’s not pleasing to Him or sometimes whenever you feel like you could have done better in what He wants you to do, but you didn’t.

I know God doesn’t base His love on performance. He loves you in your darkest days as much as He loves you in the light. The Bible tells us that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8)

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Happy Father’s Day, God!

And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to Me, says the Lord Almighty.

(1 Corinthians 6:18)

When my father died when I was twelve, it never comes to my mind that I would have a father again. For me it is a one in a lifetime chance, to have a real father I mean.

I am not expecting this, and above all, I did not expect it will be You.

I did not, because it is You. I only hear things about You when I was a child and You seem far away. I did not grow up talking to You, I did not grow up learning about You.

I know You are God but how come You are my Father too? A real Father.

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Glorifying God Online: For Those Who Wants To Blog For God

These past few days, I have been asked by some people through my page about writing or blogging about God. I thought I would be asked by just one person but it was asked again and when I’m reading some of the blogs that I’ve been following, I often read the same questions asked by their followers. So here, I decided to blog something about it so that those who’ve been wanting to write for God will also be encouraged.

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When In Doubt, Think About His Love

Have you ever wonder why God loves you that much? That He would exchange the comfort of His throne to reach you? He did it all knowing that there is a possibility that you’ll deny Him, knowing that you might not even bother yourself to know Him.

Have you ever wonder why God is so mindful of you? In fact, His thoughts toward you is as countless as the sand in the seashore. He thinks of you the way you think about the things that has your heart. You are like His favorite book that He could read again and again, and when He reads it repeatedly, His delight doesn’t even lessen a bit.

He knows that you are not thinking about Him as much as He thinks about you because you are too caught up by the cares of this world, yet He forgives. Again and again, He will forgive.

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